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CKT Group History

2021 ~ 

CKT Group's PS Life and MAILab jointly launched the RAIF robot AI Robot Fulfillment business

MAILab India 'Vision AI R&D Center' opened

Establishment of MicroFM Co., Ltd., a 1-hour delivery QuickComE service operator.

2016 ~ 2020


Development of a quarantine-security-safety solution for MAILab QSS

Establishment of the Canadian branch of MAILab


Investment in MAILab, a Vision AI platform & solution company


Digital mutual aid business as a new business ( ) - Registered as a prepaid installment transaction business. Capital 43 billion won. Signed consumer damage compensation contract with Shinhan Bank.


Archive business launched in cooperation with Yonhap News. Invested in the establishment of UnitedCom.


Established Lawcom ( ), a law-related online platform

2011 ~ 2015

April 2015

In Beijing, officials of Incheon City and Tsinghua Holdings signed an MOU for support for the Tsinghua Science Park 

February 2015

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea: Consultation on support plan with Tsinghua Holdings, Tsinghua University High School, and Tsinghua Holdings Financial Group

November 2014

Signed MOU for development of Tsinghua Science Park at Tsinghua Holdings in Beijing: Tsinghua Holdings, POSCO, State University of New York Korea

September 2014

Jinghong Xu, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, and Tang Xiaodan, President of Silversun Group, visited Korea to discuss business with State University of New York Korea and CKT and TK Network

August 2014

​Business briefing held at Tsinghua Group affiliates and Tsinghua University Hospital.

Discussion for the Tsinghua Science Park project with Samuel Stanley, President of Stony Brook University, New York, USA

March 2014

Tsinghua Holdings, CKT, and New York University Korea agreed on the establishment of the Incheon Tsinghua Science Park.

July 2013

Investment in the beauty business in China - Established Dongmei Investment in Beijing together with Shiseido Cosmetics of Japan and conducted shop-in-shop chain stores, beauty schools, and salon chain businesses in northern China, producing and distributing Maison Selene. In Beijing, China, its subsidiary eMei is operating a global e-commerce mall.

February 2013

Committee for Tsinghua Science Park Korea Branch formed


Expansion of investment to education sector – Invest in SJ Global Group, the largest vocational education group in China, cultivating 30,000 field talents annually

2006 ~ 2010

July 2010

Signed a Letter of Intent with the Commerce Council of Tongzhou, Beijing

January 2010

Established as a joint venture with China's Tsinghua University enterprise group, the Seoul corporation of Daoji Zhonghua, China's first state-owned consulting firm (TK Network)

December 2009

Signed a Letter of Intent with Xiaowing Village, Lichang District, Qingdao on the development of Koreatown

April 2009

Signed a Letter of Intent with Wei Tingjin in Suzhou Industrial Park on the development of Koreatown

November 2007

Established CKT Development Co., Ltd.

2001 ~ 2005

May 2005

Signed a Letter of Intent with Sipang District, Qingdao for the development of Koreatown

January 2005 ~ January 2006

Hosted Investment Forum for iChinatown in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Qingdao and Singapore  

November 2004

Signed land purchase agreement with Goyang City, Korea, to build Chinatown

April 2004

Signed MOU with Qingdao Chengyang District for the building of Koreatown

October 2002

Tsinghua University Enterprise Group equity investment into Seoul Chinatown Development Co., Ltd.

May 2002

Permanent green card system which had been promoted by the Chinatown Promotion Committee for 3 years came into effect as a law

April 2002

Signed an Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province to build Chinatown

Chinatown construction plan adopted as official agenda at the 1st Korea-China Investment Committee

August 2001 

Establishment of strategic partnership with Beijing Silversun Investment Group

1997 ~ 2000

June 2000

Establishment of strategic partnership with Tsinghua University Business Group

October 1999

Established Seoul Chinatown DevelopmentCo., Ltd., a project company in Ilsan Chinatown

April 1999

Establishment of the Seoul Chinatown Development Promotion Committee, a non-profit organization and the parent organization of CKT Group

August 1997

Formation of a committee for Koreans and Koreans living in Korea for the establishment of Chinatown and the introduction of permanent residency

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