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Yang Pil-seung, CEO of CKT founder

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About the Founder

Dr. Phil S. Yang is a historian and businessman. After graduating from Gyeonggi High School and Korea University, he received his Ph.D. in Chinese History from UCLA in 1988. Immediately after returning to Korea, he was appointed as a professor at Konkuk University, and began training Konkuk University students. He founded his own company at the end of 1990 and is now the chairman of CKT Group, a holding company with a number of companies in China and Korea. In 2002, he established a permanent residency system for overseas Chinese in Korea, and in 2016, he created a charity fund for the Chinese survivors of 'comfort women' with influential figures. Since 2006, his Koreatown development projects and educational activities in China have been mainly focused on overseas markets such as China. At the same time, as part of a plan to spread the Korean Wave in China, he has been actively conducting business in China in the field of beauty business. Currently, he is teaching students at Tsinghua University in China, and he is also directly investing in Chinese vocational schools. In 2016, he established LAWCOM, which operates a legal social media site ( In 2017, he also established the Yonhap Archive for digital seniors. In 2019, he established MAILab, a vision AI platform & solution company. He also participated in the National People's Party candidate primary for the 19th presidential election of the Republic of Korea in 2017.

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