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CKT management introduction

Chairman Pil-seung Yang

Professor Pil-seung Yang, a professor at Konkuk University, established the Seoul Chinatown Development Promotion Committee and Seoul Chinatown Development Co., Ltd. to create the world's first “modern & green” Chinatown. We made efforts to legalize the permanent residency system for the first time in Korea, and finally succeeded in legislating in May 2002. He also participated in the establishment of M Chinatown Co., Ltd., which established Korea's first Chinese portal site with the concept of cyber Chinatown, and has served as an ambassador for foreign capital attraction of Qingdao Municipality in Shandong Province, China, and an advisory member of the Organizing Committee of the World Burn Competition.

Chairman Yoo Guk-heung

Chairman Yoo Kook-heung is a former director of Seoul Chinatown Development Co., Ltd. and serves as the co-founding chairman of the Seoul Chinatown Development Promotion Committee. He was elected twice as the chairman of the Hansung Overseas Chinese Association, Korea's largest Chinese association, and is a successful entrepreneur running a third-generation Chinese food distribution company.


President/CEO Lee Sang-gyu

Dr. Lee Sang-gyu was the vice president of Seoul Chinatown Development and a board member of the board, leading the licensing and project financing of Ilsan Chinatown. Dr. Sang-gyu Lee is active as a director of the Seoul Chinese Studies Center, which was established to contribute more actively to practical aspects, especially in economic and cultural exchanges among the exchanges that have been actively developed after diplomatic relations between Korea and China.

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